Dream job and some hard work

So, I haven’t written in a while but I’ve been SO busy! It’s been our busiest few weeks at work and I’ve been finishing up with summer finals so i’m spending the weekend being lazy! I’ve also been waiting for some things to be finalized for something exciting I’ve been waiting on….

In a little over a week, I will be starting lactation classes on my way to becoming a certified Lactation Consultant! I am so excited for this and truly feel like this is my calling. If you know me you know that I’ve gone to school on and off and changed my mind so many times on what to study and I have yet to obtain a degree. I was working towards a general degree when I read an article about one of the local colleges offering a lactation consultant certification. I finished up the semester I was in (with awesome grades) and applied for the program. Luckily, several of the classes I had taken years ago were some of the required classes before I could start the program so I only needed three more. Now here I am anxiously awaiting the start of the semester where I will be in specific lactation courses and getting hands on experience! If you don’t know what a lactation consultant is, it’s someone who helps support and educate parents in breast feeding. It sounds simple but it’s actually a huge role and it’s something that I feel is so important. Moms need that support during pregnancy and after the baby is born. Partners need support too and need to know how to support each other. I’m hoping to knock out these three semesters and get started on my dream career.

I am so excited for this time in my life and for all of the support I’ve gotten so far. It’s going to be hard work and i’ll probably be exhausted for the next three semesters because i’ll also still be working full time but I know it will all be worth it in the end. I’m so excited for myself and plans for the future for my family. I’m also so thankful that I have a job currently that I not only enjoy but where I also have a team and a boss who supports my dreams and works with my needs. I feel like everything I’ve done has led me here and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

I hope this post will encourage someone to put their dreams in motion and get them off of the back burner. I am such a planner that I was so nervous to jump into this but now that things are getting started, I get excited every time I think about doing something I love. Wish me luck and send me extra energy because I’ll definitely need it!



Take the leap


So, I haven’t been writing much lately. Part of that is because every time I start to write, I start to rant and I don’t really want to write a whole blog post ranting about something. The other reason is because I’m working on something so exciting for myself and it takes a lot not to just write about it all the time. The time will come where I can write about it but for now i’m keeping it under wraps.

Today I want to talk about life goals. We work towards them, we go to school for them, we work jobs that we don’t want to just to get closer to them. Sometimes, we make ourselves miserable to get to them only to be so tired when we get there that we can’t enjoy them. Why do we do that? I know it’s easier said than done especially in a society that tells you to do what you love then crucifies you for that very thing. It’s really hard to choose between doing something you love, and working to be stable, secure, and know what’s going to happen. Now, i’m not saying this is my current situation. I actually love my job, my boss, and my team (which is the first time I’ve checked off all three of those boxes at one time). With all of that being said, I’ve always known I wanted to do something I was passionate about, I just never really knew what that was. Was it working customer service at Domino’s? No. But most of that was fun while it lasted and it was a good first job to have. Was it arguing with insurance companies to pay claims for six years? That was definitely not it. In the words of someone who helped me in finding my right path, “none of this was wasted time, every experience, everything you learned, has shaped you in some way to get you to where you’re meant to be.”

I hope this helps someone else. I hope that if you feel like you’re meant to do something else that you research it, figure out how to get there, and take the leap. We are not meant to work jobs we hate until we die. I hope you’re always encouraged to work towards your dreams and I hope that the ones you love always support you in that. If you were waiting for a sign or a push, this is it!

The second part we have to work on, is when we make these decisions, not second guessing them when people don’t agree with them. The same person that gave me the first piece of advice that I shared earlier, also reminded me of a saying that I always try to remember, “what other people think of you, is none of your business.” It’s so very true. If you’re constantly worrying about what other people think, you will never make yourself happy. It’s okay to seek advice, but don’t ever let anyone make you feel like your dreams are stupid.

So there’s you a pep talk for today, and the reminder I needed to stay on track.  😉

I don’t have a cool title for this one

Hey guys,

I’m a super slacker and just realized that I haven’t written here in over a month! Holy cow, where did all of that time go? I turned in my last assignments for my classes last night. (Enter huge sigh of relief here) Needless to say, I slept wonderfully last night and even though I went to bed late — because true to form, I waited until the day assignments were due to finally sit down and write a paper– I felt very well rested this morning and even managed to make it to work early. Some would say on time instead of early, but it as early for me since I’ve really been a hot mess since the time change. Anyway, I have exams this week but considering I’ve worked my ass off all semester and my grades are wonderful, that takes a lot of the pressure off for exams.

So, since I last wrote: I have done tons of homework, I fostered a dog that I absolutely fell in love with but could not keep, my daughter is fully potty trained, and we built a mud room on to our house (most of one anyway) for our fur babies. Not to shabby. To be honest, there’s two reasons why I haven’t written. One is because I don’t have time. That’s a lie, everyone has time. Okay so when I had time, I used it to sleep or be lazy and take a mom break. The second reason is because I didn’t feel inspired to write anything. Lucky you, today I am inspired and I have the time to write.  🙂

Let’s talk about the mom life crisis. Yes, you read that correctly…not mid life crisis, MOM life crisis. I had one a few weeks ago. Actually, I think I’ve been having one for a while. A mom can have one at any age and with kids at any age. For those of you who don’t have kids yet (or maybe don’t want to) or those who have not experienced this, let me break it down for you. Just FYI, I have talked to my mom friends about this and got the boost I needed to figure shit out and work on myself so i’m good which is why I can share now. For a few months now, I haven’t really been feeling like myself. I was always tired therefore I wasn’t taking care of myself like I used to. I’m not talking about just not wearing make up to work (which I still don’t do 75% of the time) or my hair being a mess sometimes, or forgetting to wash your daughters clothes so she didn’t have any clean panties to wear to school so you had to dig up a pull up… i’m talking like I just felt like crap. Trust me, I know that being a mom changes your body, your mind, and your heart but I was seeing some serious changes. I have always been okay with my body. Yes, just like a normal person there are things I wanted to tweak if I could without plastic surgery of course, but overall I’ve always been good with it. Well over the past year I’ve gained about twenty pounds. I am three pounds away from what I weighed the day before I gave birth to my daughter (which was the most I have ever weighed). Just to clarify, the weight was not the issue, it gives me curves and makes me feel like a woman. It was the fact that now a lot is settling on my gut. Adding to that, my face was a mess, my skin just didn’t look or feel healthy. My hair didn’t look or feel healthy either. Everything was just crappy which was taking a tole on me. Also, I began to realize that I don’t really fix myself up anymore or do the simple things I used to do to keep me feeling good. If you feel good, you look good. I rarely get my hair done, I hadn’t gotten a manicure or pedicure in YEARS, and I wasn’t taking time for myself.

Moms, you NEED time for yourself. It’s okay to put your kids first but it’s also okay for you to ask to shower alone so you can shave and bask in the gloriousness that is a steaming hot shower. You NEED time alone with your significant other. You NEED that awesome face mask that makes your skin glow that you hesitate on buying because it’s $8! My kid comes before everything but if she’s well taken care of, I can spend twenty bucks to have someone massage my feet and paint my toenails at the salon. Do you know how awesome a pedicure is? I was reminded two weeks ago after going three years without one. Am I going to do it all the time? No. But should I do it more than once every three years? Yes. After I shared my mom life crisis with my husband, he said that I needed to do those things for myself, that’s why he goes fishing almost every weekend.

I will tell you that in the last few weeks since I spoke to my husband and mom friends about this, I have been working on myself. I’ve been trying to get more organized so i’m not stressed out everyday. I’ve been trying to make better food choices and drink more water. I’ve been taking better care of my skin (hello frankincense and lavender) and hair– which started with a whole new ‘do. I had a girls day where I met a friend at the nail salon and we got pedicures and manicures, then followed that by meeting some old co-workers for a fabulous catch up dinner. I’ve also unloaded a few of my small responsibilities off onto my husband, which he happily took over because we are a team and we are equals. All of these things have made a huge difference for me. I plan to keep doing more things, but it’s amazing how different I feel from just a few weeks ago. So moms, or women, or men, or whoever…. if you feel like you’re in a rut and just not yourself lately, it’s okay to do things for you. It can be as simple as changing your routine or getting your nails painted by a stranger. You can’t drink from an empty cup! You’ve got to refill it every now and then.


So I’ve been really slacking the last two weeks on writing. Partly because I’ve had midterms for school and my days are full of homework and mom/wife duties but partly because every time I went to write, opinions on gun violence would just come out and that’s not where I want to take this blog right now.

Anyway, I thought I would write about something that’s dear to my heart that a lot of people don’t have a lot of information about, animal rescue. I feel like I should put this information out there just so people know because most people honestly don’t unless they’ve actually worked with a rescue. I foster dogs. I’ve been a foster for a little over a year now and I have fostered ten dogs so far and i’ve adopted two (only one was a foster fail) from the rescue that I volunteer for. Before I met the wonderful people at this rescue, I considered myself an animal lover. I always have been. I had just recently, in the last few years before this, learned that an “animal shelter” is not just a safe catch all to take animals. Most shelters around here are NOT no kill shelters so when they get full and need to make space, animals are euthanized. When you’re bringing in a litter of puppies or kittens because you didn’t have your pet fixed and now you don’t know what to do with all of these babies, at least two other people are doing the same thing. So your ten puppies actually turn into thirty and that’s just in ONE day. Imagine how many animals are brought in within a week?

Then comes the “why can’t the rescues just get them out before they’re euthanized?” “Why doesn’t somebody do something?” [Enter public Facebook frustration here] Well Judy, let me just hit you with some truth here. Most rescues do not have facilities where they can keep their rescue dogs until they’re adopted. Most rescues depend on volunteers to foster the dogs in order for them to have a place to stay. And before you ask, no it’s not like people are waiting in line to foster animals. So, no foster = no place for the cat/dog to stay until adopted, therefore the rescues cannot take the animals. And why doesn’t somebody do something? Well, there’s people at the shelters taking care of all of these abandoned animals then rescues who are drowning in cats and dogs trying to find fosters and then trying not to overwhelm their current fosters. People want other people to do something but instead of just leaving a Facebook comment, you could promote the discounted spay/neuter events that happen around your city, or you could donate to these rescues so they are able to continue the work they do, or you could post on your page about fostering or you know, actually do something instead of leaving a comment that’s not productive or proactive in any way. Just like the “somebody save these babies!” comments on pictures of animals at the shelter. That doesn’t help anybody and you’re just junking up the comments making it harder to see a comment from someone who is actually interested in doing something. I’m not being mean here, i’m just letting you know how it really is and giving you the information I wish I knew years ago.

Next, there’s the thing about people knowing you do rescue work. Now everybody contacts you to see if you can take their pet or so and so’s pet because of whatever reason or if you have any advice on this condition. Again, not being mean — i’d rather you contact me then dump your cat or dog somewhere BUT I am just a volunteer for a rescue.  I’ve also done the same thing before I really knew what it was like volunteering in animal rescue. But for future reference, I can’t just take animals in and I don’t get to decide which ones the rescue takes in. Also, yes, I do know a good bit about cats and dogs (and children) because I have them but I am not a vet. SO, if you come to me about taking an animal, I’ll refer you to the rescue I volunteer for or suggest other rescues for you to contact if I know that we’re full. Also, just because I do foster does not mean I have unlimited room for cats and dogs. I have three big dogs and two cats of my own and then we foster on top of that. I do not have room for multiple extra dogs and cats even though I really wish I did. ALSO, I can’t just take in random dogs and cats because (see above about my dogs and cats) because I do have animals of my own and I have a child. The rescue is wonderful about asking who I can take because they’re not going to send me a dog that hates cats, is aggressive towards children, or is aggressive towards other dogs. That is so dangerous and I’m not going to put any of my babies in danger. My child loves animals and she knows how to treat them, my dogs are great with other dogs, and my cats don’t really care but I will not just bring another animal around them when I don’t know the temperament of the animal (because cats can be crazy too, not just dogs).

Loving animals is important, but it’s not the only thing you need in order to adopt a pet. People often get frustrated at adoption events when they have to fill out an application or can’t take the pets with them that same day. Ummm we have NO idea who you are or anything about you but you want us to just give you this animal (that has already had a hard life because they are currently at a RESCUE) and trust that you’re the person you say you are and are going to care for this animal properly???? You’ve got to be kidding me. Also, people get so crazy about an adoption fee of $200-$300. Yes, you can adopt a pet from the shelter from anywhere between 40 & 100 bucks (people complain about that too) but it hopefully ensures that you’re not collecting puppies and kittens to use as bait in dog fights because those people most likely will not pay that much for bait. Side note, you people advertising #freetoagoodhome animals are a dog fighter’s dream — they also like to send nice looking people to fetch them so they can convince you that you’re making the right decision by giving them your cat or dog. That’s some real life stuff. Anyway, besides at least trying to prevent that, they believe that people who will actually pay to adopt will also pay for a vet. The shelters normally require proof of spay or neuter within something like 60-90 days after adoption. Rescues who charge higher rates, it’s not for them to make money, BELIEVE ME. These dogs are spayed/neutered, updated on shots for a year, first month of heart worm preventative, clean bill of health, and i’m sure i’m forgetting something besides most likely they’ve been with a foster who has potty trained them or is working with them on it and has taught them how to live in a home because a lot of them have never actually been in a home prior to rescue. Also, you have no idea how long they may have been fostering this dog. Some of our fosters have been with us for well over a year so that’s all the food they need, any vetting they need, any flea prevention, any toys, anything it takes to care for them. Oh, and if they’re puppies that have been abandoned, let’s also include around the clock work complete with bottle feedings. THAT’S what you’re paying for when you adopt a dog. These people are not selling for a profit and they are VOLUNTEERS which mean they don’t get paid to do any of this. Also, i’m not sure if you’ve ever had a puppy that you’ve personally taken to the vet for all of their first shots and spay/neuter and heart worm prevention, etc but that is DEFINITELY more than $200-$300. The one female dog i’ve done that for, one set of shots and her spay were $375 alone. That doesn’t include the rest. My male dog’s neuter alone was $180. Needless to say we switched vets because they were expensive, but normal rates are still pretty close– hence why I promote budget vetting because again, I know animal lovers who really care for the pets and just can’t afford vet pricing. Anyway, that’s where the adoption fee comes from so if you really want that dog or cat, you won’t mind putting in an application and providing references, you’ll gladly pay the adoption fee because that means essentially no vet bills for you for a year, AND you’ll appreciate that the rescue was responsible enough not to just give a pet to anyone without knowing anything about them.

Lastly, do not get a cat or a dog if you will not do everything in your power to love and keep them for their entire lives. Don’t get a puppy or kitten because they’re cute, only for them to end up at the pound later. If you don’t own your home, check with your landlord first about pets and breeds. If you do own your home, check with your insurance about breeds, ridiculous I know but some insurances will not allow you to have bully breeds, German Shepherds, etc.  I see soooooo many things on social media about people trying to give their animals away. The one’s that get me the most are “I just don’t have the time they deserve” or “I’m having a baby”. Ahem. I have a full time job, a husband, a toddler, school, normal household duties, etc. and while I may not be able to devote as much time as I would like to my animals every single day, I still make time for them. I still love on them in the mornings before work and before bed. I still try to give them individual attention which includes one on one cuddles. I bring toys and treats home to reward them for good behavior and to throw around with them in the back yard. I specifically bought a house with a huge fenced in yard so on the days I am very busy, all three of my dogs can run and play with each other. They are very well taken care of, happy, and exercised. AND, when I had my baby, the dog and cat that I had at the time (And still have) were great. You research. You learn how to introduce your current baby/babies to your future one(s). My big and rambunctious and normally ADHD dog that I was worried about being around my tiny baby was so gentle with her. He loves her and takes a lot of crap from her. He’s protective of her and would follow anyone around who was holding her. He still starts barking and running over to her if she screams or shows any distress.  Obviously if your cat or dog becomes aggressive with your baby you would want to look into other options but re-homing your pet simply because you are having a child is dumb. You need to think of everything before you get a pet, not after. Now, if you’ve never had a pet and you researched and thought you were prepared and it ended up just being too much for you, stuff happens but re-home them properly and then maybe don’t get another one. Also, I understand that sometimes shit happens and you literally cannot keep your pet. I get it, i’m not calling you a bad person. Just be responsible.

It’s a pretty simple concept. A pet is a lifetime commitment. Please spay and neuter your pets, even if that’s the only vetting they get (which you should take them to the vet yearly and at least get their rabies shots). Heart worm prevention is important too but I’ve been the responsible animal lover that couldn’t afford that every month, luckily that has changed but I do understand. Fostering saves lives! If you have a place for them to stay where you can love them and feed them, the rescues provide food and anything else they need, you don’t pay a dime — they just need your time and love. Share news about rescuing, fostering, discount vetting, prevention, adoption, etc!

I hope this was a lot of good information for everyone just like it was for me. I just want to get the word out there in a responsible way and not just in a status venting on Facebook. Share this information, because even if you can’t adopt or foster or donate, sharing this information helps and saves lives too!

Have a wonderful week everyone!

We’re going on a mission

Are you even really a toddler mom if you don’t have the song from Puppy dog pals stuck in your head from hearing it a thousand times a day? Geez.

It’s stuck in my head now if you can’t tell from the title of the post this week…

Anyway, today I set some pretty big goals for myself. Some are monthly, some are yearly, and some I would just like to reach in the next five years. I’m not setting goals because I’m not happy with my life currently but because you have to take things one step at a time. Nobody just goes from adulthood to goals just like that. Right now I’m at a stepping stone. I’m married and I have a beautiful daughter, we own a house, and for the first time in years, I have a job that I love with co-workers that I love (usually it’s just one or the other but this time it’s both!). I feel very lucky but I’ve also worked very hard to get where I am today. I’m currently working on a degree which is a stepping stone most people my age have already hopped off of but hey, there’s not a perfect order to do life in. I’ve also been working on myself. I know what my end goals are and I won’t stop until I reach them. I would love to own my own business and have more babies and be the mom that can go to all of the school events but I also want to be the mom that helps provide. That’s obtainable right? Yes. I wholeheartedly believe so.

The warm weather today got me thinking about a lot of things. The winter blues are very real and while they don’t hit me hard, they do get me. The warm weather today has my soul perking up and looking forward to things to come. I know I can reach my goals if I stay motivated. You hear success stories all the time of the rich and famous but now I’m seeing successful people blossom all around me. I know a wonderful couple who decided to lay everything on the line and quit their jobs for her to pursue photography and now she’s doing it! She has amazing work and a huge following and her husband now works with her as well. Is there anything better than running a business with your best friend and supporting your family? Chip and Joanna Gaines are also another of my favorite couple #goals. Yes, I just threw a hashtag in there, sorry about that. I love their marriage and they’ve built this beautiful life together by teaming up and doing what they love.

The only thing that seems to be missing from my plan is what kind of business I want to build. I know what it sounds like when I tell people I don’t know what I want to do. Most of the things I’m passionate about don’t make money. I know what that sounds like too but realistically, we need money to support a family. So while I’m searching for that something that I love that I can make a living doing, I’ll be living my best life with my husband and daughter, working a great job, and trying to finish my degree.

What are some short term or long term goals that you are working on? What would be your dream job? What would it take for you to reach those goals? I think we get stuck in a rut or in a cycle so we don’t realize that we can change our lives at any time. This is also coming from a person that has anxiety about change….but it’s exciting to know that I can do that for myself. Live your best life ❤️

Gettin oily with it

Okay so, I have to put a disclaimer out there that this blog is about my life. My life includes oils. I’m not part of a big pyramid scheme based company trying to sell you stuff so I can reap the benefits. I just want you to keep that in mind while reading. I’m writing about oils today because I have been using them for years and I have finally found a brand that I am in love with and I want to tell you why. I will also provide more information at the end of this so if you WANT to try for yourself you can. Also, if you’re curious or have questions and don’t want to order anything, feel free to shoot me a message because I would be happy to answer any questions you may have without trying to convince you to buy anything. I hate salesmen who are just telling me things to convince me to buy their products so they can get a commission so I would never do that to someone else a.k.a. that’s why I am not in a sales job. You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do to make a living BUT I have a full time job that I love so i’m not trying to sell you oils so I can quit my day job.

Whew, now that that’s out of the way we can get to the juicy…I mean oily stuff. Do you like what I did there? Thank you, thank you, i’ll be here all week! Now, if you’ve made it this far, awesome! Before we go on I just want to say that i’m talking about two things today, oils and this magical book. The magical book is Lucy Libido says…there’s an oil for that. So if the word libido makes you cringe or you’re not comfortable talking about things that relate to your libido, you may want to stop reading after you finish the next paragraph because it’s about to get real.

First, oils. YASSS. I’m not claiming that they are magic healing potions but they don’t claim to be ether. I’m not going to try to slather them all over my kid if she’s running a 104 fever and throwing up, i’m going to take her to a doctor. With that being said, rule number one of using oils is DON’T BE STUPID. Do your research, ask questions, READ. Don’t just jump in and start rubbing them everywhere. I use my oils for many things: cleaning (because if my child happens to drink them, i’ll pump her full of water to dilute them and I won’t have to call poison control), diffusing for smells and/or moods, sweet sleep, prevention, relaxation, beauty routine, bath and beauty products in general, did I mention cleaning? Because that’s an important one in which washing clothes and dishes also fall under so when I say cleaning, I mean ALLLL of the cleaning. People want to complain about the price of oils BUT how much do you spend monthly on cleaning products? What about your skin care routine? Bath products? Air freshener? Detergent? Now, I can confidently say that I spend less on oils than I used to spend buying all of that. Why? Because oils all have several different uses. You can mix and dilute so many different ways to make so many of your own products. Before I joined Young Living, I had already switched out a lot of my products for oily products that I make myself. Also, besides household stuff, one of my favorite oil blends is Stress Away. I have anxiety and I also tend to be stressed a lot. I refuse to take medication daily to manage this. I keep Stress Away in my purse with the roller attachment on so I can roll it on my wrists, behind my ears, and over my heart (just like if you were rolling on perfume) and I can honestly say, it REALLY helps. REALLY. And as an added bonus, it smells sooooo good. There are thousands of ways to use oils and if I wrote about them, this blog post would go on forever so let me just tell you another one of my favorites and we can move on. Purification, hands down my favorite blend. BETTER THAN ANY KIND OF AIR FRESHENER OR ODOR REMOVER YOU CAN BUY! I have three dogs, I foster at least one other dog at a time, two cats, a toddler, and a husband with stinky feet (love you!) so there’s a lot of smells going around. I put a few drops of Purification into my diffuser and BAM, smells gone! I also put a few drops into a spray bottle full of water and use it just like febreeze, I can use it on carpet, furniture, or just in the air. It even takes away the litter box smell! There’s so many more oils but that’s a post for another day. I personally love Young Living because you know exactly where your oils are coming from and they’re actually good oils. They’re not watered down oils and they’re not water with added oil fragrance which is why they’re okay to put on your skin. Some you have to dilute (refer back to rule #1) but some you can use neat. They even have a Vitality line of oils you can ingest (again rule #1). They have a line for pets and littles as well (RULE ONE RULE ONE RULE ONE). I know you see the articles floating around, especially lately about the dangers of oils to pets. Do your research people! Also I have a list of oils harmful to cats and to dogs if you would like that. This does not mean that the oils are not okay for us. Just like some foods and plants that are perfectly fine for humans can be harmful to pets (like chocolate for example), oils work the same way. I can’t say it enough, refer back to rule number one or you have no one to blame but yourself. Now, if you want to sign up or check things out and don’t want to read the libido stuff, skip to the skip the next paragraph.

Now, Lucy Libido. GIRL. This book is available on Amazon. She talks about our bodies and our hormones. Women of all ages should read this book. Is so full of information and oils you can use for hormones and yes…between the sheets. She also includes all kinds of oily recipes. These oils and recipes are tried and true. I had no idea of some of the uses for these oils. And it’s not just hormones and between the sheets info, it’s also red week info, menopause info, cramp and PMS management info. Need more information? Come talk to me or get yourself a copy of the book like I did. You can also request to join her group on Facebook where she’s always posting good information and where she hosts a Lucy Libido class annually. She just finished one up last month and it was AH-MAZING. I would also like to include that the book also has information on oils for men! It is totally worth a read if you’re in a rut or want to try to manage your hormones naturally. I say its always worth a try. Inching closer to my thirties has thrown some changes my way that I wasn’t sure how to handle until I attended the Lucy Libido Facebook class. My first oil from that class should be arriving soon! Can’t wait! If you don’t care about reading more oily stuff, skip to the bottom for the link to get the Lucy Libido book.

Okay, if you wanted to skip the libido part and straight to oil info, it’s safe to read now. If you’re interested in oil samples, please reach out to me. Also, if you would like to order some oils or products from Young Living, please reach out to me. Questions? Concerns? Send me a message. Interested in becoming a member to receive wholesale pricing? Let me know. Young Living does not require a monthly auto ship or payment. They do not require you to sell oils in order to reap benefits. The best bang for your buck if you want to become a member is the starter kit. It includes eleven 5ml bottles of oils (Yes, eleven!), a diffuser, samples and sample bottles for you to give to your family and friends, a roller ball attachment for when you’re on the go, a product guide with oil uses and HOW to use them—that’s important! as well as pricing, and a membership to Young Living all for $160.00. If you’re approved for PayPal credit, you can also pay for your kit with that. See the price breakdown below of what you’re getting for $160.00 and these are actually the retail prices:

Vitality oils (can be ingested) – Lemon $8.22, Copaiba $28.95, DiGize $18.42, Thieves $19.41, Peppermint $13.49

Oil singles & blends- PanAway $47.70, RC $13.82, Purification $20.72, Frankincense $39.14, Lavender $15.46, Stress Away $9.92

These oils alone total to $235.25 if purchased individually. Not only do you get all of these, but you also get:

YL Membership $45.00, diffuser $83.88, Samples and sample bottles ~$31.79, product guide $3.50 for a total of $412.58. So you save $252.58 by getting a kit. AND you have so many of the base oils that you can make your own blends with and they have so many uses!

How long do they last? It depends on usage but my 5ml bottle of Purifcation that I use almost every single day and have made a bottle of my own air/fabric freshener, and have used in my laundry since I got it the first week of December has just run out last week. Thankfully my new bottle is on the way! So yes, it is 100% a great investment. If you would like to order, you can go to Youngliving.com use my member number 13377452.

I’ve also included a picture of my kit (minus the diffuser and product guide, oops) and a picture of the Lucy Libido book so you can make sure you’ve got the right one 😉

You can order Lucy Libido says… there’s an oil for that on Amazon here or if you need to buy in bulk or need other supplies for the recipes in the book (or other juicy stuff) you can get those at lucylibido.com .

Now, that I’ve got that out, I promise my next post will be about something other than oils ha ha! Now if you’ll excuse me, i’m going to start working on my old body butter and lotion recipes and trying out a shampoo recipe. Wish me luck! And enjoy your week!

Lucy Libido

If I go crazy will you still call me Supermom?

This rainy day makes me wish I was at least having a rainy day at the beach so I included a picture of my view on a rainy day during our beach vacation back in September. Being stuck inside on this lazy Sunday has my wheels turning.

I feel like all moms have days where they feel like they really have it all together and can take on the world and the very next day you’re wondering when the last time you took a shower was. You want to support all moms so we can stick together and share how we secretly hide candy in our underwear drawers to eat after the kids go to bed but then you catch yourself judging the mom who has her screaming, barefoot child at Walmart at 10 pm and is letting them double fist some Blow pops and chase them with a Mountain Dew. Being a mom is hard. Doing it all is hard. Yet, we all (well most of us) still feel like we have to do everything.

My husband started a new job last week. After he had been at his cushion-y, low paying job for seven years, he finally decided he was worth more and found another job with more opportunities. Along with this new job comes several other changes. He went from working 8 am-4:30 pm and dropping off our daughter at daycare AND picking her up to having to be at work anywhere between 6 am to 7:30 am depending on the day and not having a set time to be off. So, for me, this means that I also have to adjust my schedule. I’ve gone from waking up at 7 am and getting my daughter ready to go and then getting myself ready after she and my husband leave the house to having to wake up no later than 6:30 am and getting her and myself ready and out the door by 7:10 am so I can drive across town to take her to daycare then back across town to get to work by eight. Luckily, I have a fantastic and flexible job that will let me leave early if my husband is not off in time to pick our daughter up from daycare. Otherwise, I would be a hot mess, more so than I already am on a daily basis. While we’re nailing down this new schedule I am also taking three online classes, fostering dogs for a rescue, tending to my own animals, trying to keep our house looking half way descent, preparing lunches and laying out clothes for the next day, AND trying to make sure I spend quality time with my toddler so that she doesn’t end up with the TV as her babysitter. Oh, and i’m also trying to maintain a healthy relationship with my husband, family, and friends and trying to stay on top of things going on at my daughter’s daycare. I’m also trying to make sure we have halfway healthy home cooked meals and lunches and trying to remember to drink enough water during the day so my kidneys don’t shut down. Whew! It always feels like a lot but seems like even more when I put it on paper. So, if you ever see me and think “wow, look at those bags under her eyes beneath that poorly done (or sometimes non existent) makeup and her oily hair,” cut me some slack. Also, I don’t care. I look nice when I want to, ha ha! Also, sleep is life so i’d rather sleep a few minutes more than spend more time on my hair and makeup if i’m being 100% honest here.

I got a little sidetracked with the details but what I’m getting at is, if we can’t do everything all the time, are we still supermoms? Yes. A thousand times yes! Dads are pretty super too but a lot of times I feel that more rests on a mom’s shoulders. Do you know why that is? Because moms put pressure on other moms or on ourselves and sometimes it’s not even on purpose. If I hear that Teresa works more than I do and meal preps super healthy lunches and dinners for the whole week and volunteers for all of the events at daycare and makes homemade, perfect looking treats for all of the teachers at Christmas, and she always looks amazing and put together, and her house is always spotless, AND she gets up at 4:30 am to go to the gym before she starts each day and still doesn’t have bags under her eyes like I do….yeah, I’m not feeling very super. We HAVE to stop doing that to ourselves. I have a lot on my plate right now and i’m wearing myself down. I got confirmation of that today and was told to let go of some of the necessary things that i’m letting weigh me down in order to make room for MY plans and MY needs. I’m managing the bills, and my job, and my child, and my homework, etc, etc, ETC. Now that I’ve helped my husband adjust to his new job, it’s OKAY for me to let go of some of these responsibilities and let him put some of them on his to do list. I don’t like asking for help, it’s a downfall of mine, but if i’m ever going to put some of my plans or passions in motion, i’m going to have to re-focus and prioritize. I need to let go of some things, re-organize, reflect, and decide what really requires my time and what doesn’t.

To wrap things up, we CAN do it all but if we don’t take care of ourselves, we won’t be able to do it all. I have some pretty sweet goals that i’d like to reach this year so i’m taking a breather and taking care of myself. I’ve put some bills on auto pay so that’s one less thing for me to worry about (small but mighty change). Also, as mentioned in my last post, I’ve joined Young Living so I can work on my health and wellness too! My Stress Away oil is working some overtime today. Give your littles (kids, animals, significant others, whatever) a long hug and clear some stuff off of your plate to make some room for dessert ladies! Think about your goals and what’s weighing you down and maybe you can get things in order for a great year full of YOU too. Have a great week!